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Status Update

Really thinking about developing a new version of my blog pusblishing tool “Publik” to add cross-posting to Mastodon too.

Status Update

So I just opened Twitter and saw a notification in the bell’s tab from an account I don’t follow about a content I don’t care.

Good job you guys!

Starus Update

I pretty much like the good vibes Mastodon is bringing to my leasure times. It’s a fresh start. But I wonder how many not-nerdy people will jump in from Twitter.

My 2023’s New Year Resolutons

  • Go to the gym / Workout at home a minimum of 2 times a week (Excluding holiday weeks)
  • Read more books. Ideally at least 6 books a year (One every two months).
  • Reduce my Social Network usage, specially Twitter and Instagram to a maximum of 1 hour and only during the weekend (Reddit and Hacker News are excluded because why not).
  • Spend quality time with my son. At least one afternoon a week.
  • Walk a minimum of 5 Km every day I don’t workout.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Play the guitar at least 1 hour a week.
  • Eat healthier.

Let’s f***ing do this!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

I really think that at least one episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo should be played at the cinema so Park Eun-bin can get her totally deserved Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Abiut Twitter’s awful UX

Just a few things are worse in their category than Twitter’s awful UX.

The only plausible reason is that they’re doing it on purpose.

Junts quits

Un 55,73% de los afiliados se ha pronunciado a favor de salir del Ejecutivo de Pere Aragonès, y que Junts per Catalunya pase a la oposición La Vanguardia

And I don’t give a damn shit.

Status Update

I really like the Airpods Pro, but every time I want to listen to some music / podcast while commuting they’re out of juice. Wired earphones where have you gone?

Status Update

iOS 16’s spotlight is embarrassingly slow. Like, “wait(5000)” slow. How could this even pass QA?

Status Update

Happy to discover that Supertramp’s Soupbox Opera in their Live From Paris album is marked as one of the most played songs. ☺️