Status Update

Llevo un rato escuchando a Zorin (007: A View To A Kill) decir que van a destruir “El Valle de la Silicona” en California. Y ahora no puedo sino imaginarme montañas y montañas de epoxi sobre el Golden Gate.

Decompression Vibes

Is it just me or this new Mido Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer is genuinely cool?

Definitely one of my top 5 watches to wear during summer vacations.

Status Update

Really thinking about developing a new version of my blog pusblishing tool “Publik” to add cross-posting to Mastodon too.

Status Update

So I just opened Twitter and saw a notification in the bell’s tab from an account I don’t follow about a content I don’t care.

Good job you guys!

Starus Update

I pretty much like the good vibes Mastodon is bringing to my leasure times. It’s a fresh start. But I wonder how many not-nerdy people will jump in from Twitter.

My 2023’s New Year Resolutons

  • Go to the gym / Workout at home a minimum of 2 times a week (Excluding holiday weeks)
  • Read more books. Ideally at least 6 books a year (One every two months).
  • Reduce my Social Network usage, specially Twitter and Instagram to a maximum of 1 hour and only during the weekend (Reddit and Hacker News are excluded because why not).
  • Spend quality time with my son. At least one afternoon a week.
  • Walk a minimum of 5 Km every day I don’t workout.
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day.
  • Play the guitar at least 1 hour a week.
  • Eat healthier.

Let’s f***ing do this!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

I really think that at least one episode of Extraordinary Attorney Woo should be played at the cinema so Park Eun-bin can get her totally deserved Oscar for the Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Abiut Twitter’s awful UX

Just a few things are worse in their category than Twitter’s awful UX.

The only plausible reason is that they’re doing it on purpose.

Junts quits

Un 55,73% de los afiliados se ha pronunciado a favor de salir del Ejecutivo de Pere Aragonès, y que Junts per Catalunya pase a la oposición La Vanguardia

And I don’t give a damn shit.

Status Update

I really like the Airpods Pro, but every time I want to listen to some music / podcast while commuting they’re out of juice. Wired earphones where have you gone?