Status Update

iOS 16’s spotlight is embarrassingly slow. Like, “wait(5000)” slow. How could this even pass QA?

Status Update

Happy to discover that Supertramp’s Soupbox Opera in their Live From Paris album is marked as one of the most played songs. ☺️

Status Update (Summer edition)

Some stores are setting their thermostats at 27… Farenheit.

Status Update

I’ve just drunk the most delicious espresso in my entire life.

On Engineering and Watch Design

If you go freeform you’re no longer a designer, you’re an artist.

Sylvain Bernerob Breitling’s Creative Director on watch design.

About the MoonSwatch

Timeless design meets throw away product.

@Bark And Jack

The New Seiko 5 GMT

Last may I talked about the purpose of a GMT and today the holy grail of the GMT world has been announced, and oh boy! I LOVE IT!!

The new Seiko 5 GMT is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I’m getting it no matter what it takes.

Rolex availability

I’ve heard stories about the almost impossible chance to get a Rolex, but this comment from Reddit really kick me off:

Rolex lost me last year when I wanted to buy a new Submariner. My AD said that the only way I could get one was to buy a two tone day-date, which would qualify me for the wait list for the Sub, at which point they would buy back the DD if I wanted to sell it. WTF? With only one AD within hours of me, I was stuck and so I passed. BCsinBC

About WWDC

For the first time in 13 years I don’t care about WWDC. I will certainly check those API announcements out, but I most certainly won’t follow the keynotes in real time.

About the new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch In Moonshine Gold

I really, really, REALLY like the new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch In Moonshine Gold.

Unfortunately, 34K8 is above my threshold unless we’re talking “Pesetas”.