Apple Retail and Unions

NEW: We published audio of an Apple VP’s anti-union speech circulated among 58,000 retail workers yesterday. Apple VP Deirdre O’Brien told workers that she was worried about bringing in “an organization” that does not “share our commitment to you.” —Lauren Kaori (@LaurenKGurley)

I see no harm in lobbying your employees not to unionize as long as you stop promoting yourself as a top employer.

Omega MoonSwatch

I promise I will write about this messed-up launch one day.

Coffee bragging

The purpose of a GMT

I really love traveling. I do. And one thing I’ve been struggling with is to find a good GMT watch to bring on my trips.

Some may say “Oh, just get a Rolex GMT-Master II -if you can afford it- it’ll serve you as a travel watch and also as a dress watch”. And frankly, I disagree.

Maybe, and I say maybe, you could travel to Switzerland and feel relatively safe with a 10K watch on your wrist. But why would I need a GMT watch if I’m in the same time zone as my home country? GMT watches really shine when the time difference is greater than just a few hours. And I wouldn’t feel safe traveling to other continents with a watch that expensive.

The sweet spot for me is a few-hundred euros watch that is almost unknown for the stealers. Even better if it’s already scratched. A GMT watch for travel should be UNAPPEALING unless you’re some kind of monarch living abroad with more security than moral (Pun intended).

Twitter’s UX

Twitter has one of the worst UX I’ve ever seen.

Talking Watches

While I am waiting for the Moonswatch re-stock on my “selected Barcelona store” (please, please, please, please, please, please, please… ), I am also cheking around for possible new acquiances. And oh boy, I found one that trully got me.

I am talking about the Panerai Luminor Due 42 that I could get my hands on yesterday.

I have admired Panerai watches since I first knew about them, but its bulkiness made me doubt about fancing one of those. Not anymore. The Luminor Due is way, WAY thinnier than the original Luminor and it wears like a glove.

I had always said that my next luxury watch would be a Seamaster’s Diver 300, but I wouldn’t swear by it anymore.

Status Update

Dolby Atmos for music. I can’t even think of a single example in witch it won’t come up as terrible. Technology for the sake of technology. Garbage.

Bad User Story

  • As an iOS user who wants to share something through iMessage from the Sharesheet.
  • I want to be asked the recipient EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  • So I can waste more time sending messages to commonly used contacts.

M1 MAX “hands” on

Yesterday I went to the shopping mall (you know, it’s that time of the year again), and I got to put my hands on a brand new 14 inch M1 MAX MacBook Pro.

I mean, I probably held it for about 2 minutes, that’s it and I am definitely not here to talk about the specs, but I want to talk about how it felt in my hands. For a brief moment, it was like holding my very first MacBook, the plastiky white one that I got on 2009.

Boy this new Mac brings me a lot of memories. It is thicker than my current Intel’s16 inch, but those rounded edges make it so easy to hold I woul swap mine in a blink of an eye.

Unemployment rate

Respecto al paro, hay una disminución este trimestre de 127.000 personas, y se sitúa en un total de 3.416.700. La tasa de paro queda en un 14,57%

La Vanguardia

14.57% unemployment rate in Spain. And the saddest thing is that it’s considered a low number.

Just to put the number into context:

  • 8.62% in France.
  • 5.9% in Germany.
  • 3% in the Netherlands
  • and so on…