About Cold Calling

In the last 24 hours I’ve received three calls from two different companies to sell me stuff. Last week one lady called me at 9:55 PM. It’s just crazy.

I have always thought that cold calling should be forbidden. No excuses. This type of sales technique is by far the most intrusive and outrageous. If I walk into a store I am the one making the move and deciding by myself that I am willing to get the information. On the other hand, if I surf the web to a specific site, it is me who actually made the move, assuming all the ads and tracking that this particular site would potentially have.

But with cold calling the target is completely helpless. There’s nothing you can do about it. You could blacklist those numbers, but again, those evil companies will likely change their number quite often. And even if they don’t, what are you supposed to do? Never receive calls from that number ever again? Phone numbers get recycled you know…

Facebook and its Whistleblower

NPR reporting:

One Facebook study provided by Haugen found that 13.5% of teen girls said Instagram worsens suicidal thoughts and 17% of teen girls say the Instagram contributes to their eating disorders.

As Alan Harper would ironically say: “Good job!”

The Verge on Amazon’s new “home robot”

Amazon presents the device as an engineering breakthrough and the realization of a long-held sci-fi dream: to build a robot that can help around the house. This is rubbish, of course. What Astro is — for better or worse — is a camera on wheels.

The Verge on Amazon’s new robot.

Simply brutal.

Status Update

I just got Yakuza Kiwami 2 for 10 Euros so I am happy now 😊

About that Basecamp thing

The difference between USA and Spain is wild. I cannot even invision a future in witch a third of the total number of engineers in a company quit a six figure job because they quite dislike its last memo. I just can’t.

Status Update 24-04-2021

Seriously thinking about changing my note-taking model (Yes, yes! I know! I own you the long-waited iPhone 12 mini review but c’mon…).

I’ve been using Apple Notes for the last few years. Prior to that, I used to tinkle with nvALT.

Now Obsidian feels like a good alternative for Markdown based notes.

Status Update

Crazy idea: In landscape, iOS should swap the volume rocker + and -. It feels wierd to increase the volume by actioning the left hand one.

iPad Pro M1

It’s probably still an overkill to watch youtube videos.

Status Update

“Add to Reading List” is totally broken on my Macbook’s Safari. It literally takes up to 10 seconds to perform the animation and add the page to the list.

Status Update

So today I got myself an iPhone 12 Mini and needless to say… So far so good! I really hope I can take a little time to write down a little review in the next few days of usage.