Back to trading cards

So last week I got Slay The Spire on the Nintendo eShop for 15 euros. Total bargain.

Truth being told, I’ve had a pretty good time playing it! And I have enjoyed every minute of it. Although to be fair, I have to admit that my gaming time has certainly decreased over the past few weeks. But that is exactly the point, Slay The Spire acts as an easy-to-play / hard-to-master game with almost zero time to action, witch is perfect for the *quickies*.

I have played RPGs before and some of them I love, some of them I don’t. In this particular case, Slay The Spire adds the trading card component and that is key. In my younger days, nerd me used to play Pokémon and Magic The Gathering. Not as a pro or even a semi-pro level, but with friends and with friends of friends at the pool or at school. And somehow, Slay The Spire managed to evoke those afternoon combats.

In fact, what the hell? I DO want to trade cards again! (I still keep my curated deck 🙂).