The purpose of a GMT

I really love traveling. I do. And one thing I’ve been struggling with is to find a good GMT watch to bring on my trips.

Some may say “Oh, just get a Rolex GMT-Master II -if you can afford it- it’ll serve you as a travel watch and also as a dress watch”. And frankly, I disagree.

Maybe, and I say maybe, you could travel to Switzerland and feel relatively safe with a 10K watch on your wrist. But why would I need a GMT watch if I’m in the same time zone as my home country? GMT watches really shine when the time difference is greater than just a few hours. And I wouldn’t feel safe traveling to other continents with a watch that expensive.

The sweet spot for me is a few-hundred euros watch that is almost unknown for the stealers. Even better if it’s already scratched. A GMT watch for travel should be UNAPPEALING unless you’re some kind of monarch living abroad with more security than moral (Pun intended).